Kristin Forbes-Mullane Artist and Writer

Kristin Forbes-Mullane
As a native of Phoenix, AZ, Kristin Forbes-Mullane grew up with an obsession for anything having to do with art. At a young age she began painting and drawing every chance she got. This love of art came from her father, who as an artist and graphic designer himself has always inspired her.

We wrote a small article giving some advice on creating a metal sign and what the process was like for us.

Without any formal training in art, hating high school enough to know there’d be no way she’d survive the structure and rules of college, she has managed to learn about art by studying on her own. She has found herself being drawn to anything with a dark, sad feeling. Her love for all things sinister portrays itself in her art as religious icons, old family photos and figures, twisted into something dark, no longer serine and beautiful. This transition from light to dark allows the viewer to create their own story… “That little girl looks so innocent, but she might bite you when you aren’t looking”